Connect with your neighbours and discover the amazing things happening in your neighbourhood.

The Cambridge Neighbourhood Organizations offer neighbourhood-based programs and events across Cambridge, Ontario. Whether you’re looking for affordable programs for kids, a place to volunteer, or someone who can help you connect with the supports and services you need… you’re in the right place.

“I needed to get the kids enrolled in activities so they could meet the neighbourhood kids. They needed friends. I needed friends. 16 years later we’re all still involved. I will be forever grateful.”

Susan, Fiddlesticks Community Centre

“My daughters had hair cuts today and they loved their hair cut. I really want to say thank you as it’s a great initiative to make kids happy specially in this pandemic and make them feel special.”

Preston Heights Community Group

“Deciding to contact Langs 10 years ago on my bus ride home was the best decision I ever made in my life. Volunteering with Langs taught me the skill of how to put compassion and equity into practice.”

Derek, Langs
A thriving neighbourhood is a place where everyone belongs.
It can be hard to feel connected to your neighbourhood. Especially if there aren’t enough opportunities to get to know your neighbours. Or if you’re not quite sure what’s happening in your neighbourhood and how to get involved. At the Cambridge Neighbourhood Organizations we make it easier for neighbours to meet, build trust, and find support.
You’ll feel welcomed

This is a safe space where everyone belongs. And you'll sense that the minute you come through our doors.

You’ll be amazed

You won’t believe how many activities are available just minutes from your home.

You’ll breathe a sigh of relief

All of our quality programs are either free or low-cost, thanks to the support of our amazing funders.

You’ll find support

There’s always someone willing to listen and walk alongside you during challenging times.

What if we don’t offer what you’re looking for?

We’ll help you find it. Or we’ll help you create it! If all you need is a little bit of help locating the right program for your needs, we’re happy to provide referrals – no strings attached. And if there’s an issue or idea you’re passionate about, let’s see how we can tackle it together!




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